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Something about myself

My Name

My name is Trần Thế Anh (in Vietnamese) or The Anh TRAN (in English) and 陳世英 (in Simplified Chinese). TRAN is my family name. That is just a common family name in Vietnam. The which is in the word 世界 (THE WORLD) is my middle name. Anh which is in the word 英雄 (A HERO) is my given name. So, my name The Anh means A HERO IN THIS WORLD! =P


When I was just a little child, my Mom forced me to read some books included Goc san va khoang troi - Tran Dang Khoa (poetry), De men phieu luu ky - To Hoai (story for kids), Nguoi vo hinh (Invisible man - can not remember the Writer), ... She wished me to become a good writer (I guessed) =)). I'm now insterested in fictions for teenagers though i'm already double-teenaged. I like stuff by Nguyen Nhat Anh, Teenage Textbook and Workbook (Adrian Tan), reading Harry Potter at the moment... I'm trying to read more and more because I haven't read enough.


Crazy about Rocky music but haven't listened much in English.. I went to almost all rock concerts in Hanoi when I was there. It was really incredible! Amazing! For English, I like very-old-songs that I can hear words clearly: Sealed with a kiss, Love story, Hello, Yesterday once more...


I'm not interested in TV but I do see some funny movies. Whatever makes me laugh all my head off such as The pick of destiny, Love actually, Gokusen...


Really want to play X-games (whatever a bit dangerous)..loving Skateboarding